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Winlaw: Your Winning Legal Accounting Software – Bookkeeper User Review

As one of Legal Interact’s oldest and most loved products, Winlaw has been used in the legal accounting industry for more than 30 years.

The software is trusted by legal accounting departments, and bookkeepers to accurately manage financial requirements of legal practices. This gives legal practitioners peace of mind that their accounts can be relied on.

Winlaw Product Owner, Melanie Guthrie, recently sat down with an avid Winlaw user, Cecilia Crawford to discuss why the product is so trusted and why it is legal accounting at its best. Cecilia has been using (and loving) Winlaw for close to 30 years and recommends it to all legal bookkeepers.

During their chat, Cecilia professed that she has been using Winlaw to improve her working experience, focusing specifically on the emailing of statements feature. You can watch the full discussion below.

    Other standout features offered by Winlaw include:

    • Accounting controls, which ensures that trust integrity is maintained by ensuring strict compliance with the relevant legal account requirements.
    • Three ledger accounting allows for management across business, trust and investment accounts.
    • Winlaw, as a legal accounting solution, provides for all your reporting and financial management needs.
    • Eliminate mistakes, secure EFT payments, keep track of soft disbursements, and enjoy seamless integration with a variety of cost recovery systems.
    • Take the stress out of year-end with thirteen period and audit-friendly controls.

    Winlaw can revolutionise the way your legal practice manages its financial requirements and comes with a full support team to assist you with any queries you may have. Trusted by real people in the legal accounting space, our software will assist your legal practice to organise its finances, empowering you to have better insight into your financial position and freeing up your mind to do the work you do best – practice law.

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