Practice Manager Pro

Practice Manager Pro

Practice Manager Pro is a single fully integrated open-item system that can connect and manage all areas of your Law Practice. Legal Interact’s flagship legal practice management software delivers an enterprise solution with Best Practice principles at its core. It serves to drive operational excellence, providing you with the tools and information required to support strategic initiatives.

Our areas of focus

Practice Manager Pro enables all daily legal and accounting operations to be managed efficiently and drives operational momentum to boost your productivity and eliminate wasted time


Complete Legal Practice Management solution, providing the tools you need to manage operational efficiency & profitability.


Tracking fee earners contributions against budgets ensures visibility on fee earner productivity.

Automation & Billing

Charge for your time and effort in real-time with PM Pro’s automated billing functionality.

Business Intellegence

Automated financial board pack, gives you insight into contributions by fee earners & your practice’s performance enabling you to make informed decisions.

Real-time Accounting

Open-item accounting system developed to give you insight into amounts to be collected to manage your cash flow in Real-Time.

Legal Accounting

Increase your cashflow with auto generated invoices. Become more efficient and minimise the risk of mistakes with the bank statement import. This function will create an electronic receipt on the client ledger which will then appear on your statement to the client. Practice Manager Pro has been designed to ensure that integrity is maintained in all trust balances on files with the capture of transactions in real time. Access Practice Manager Pro anywhere, anytime.

  • Reduce manual capturing of batches with WIP and Bank statement imports.
  • Multiple periods open for postings to ensure no month end process delays.
  • No need to reconcile your bank accounts manually.
  • Save time on eliminating the manual capturing of receipts.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Get insight into your business with informative, automatically generated reports. Practice Manager Pro’s sophisticated reporting allows you to produce financial statements and business reports, with an ability to export all reports to Excel and other platforms for further analysis

  • Real-time reporting on profitability, billings and ageing.
  • Report at a file or transaction level to measure performance against metrics.
  • Measure contributions by fee earners, plan cashflow and review performance.

Creditors Management

Manage your cash flow and payments to 3rd parties and business creditors. With Practice Manager Pro’s Integrated Creditors Payment Schedule, you know the amount and when to pay, allowing you to forecast your cash flow accurately.
  • Remittance advice is generated and emailed to your creditor.
  • 3rd party expenses are linked to the relevant clients for easy invoicing.
  • Know the amount and when to pay, allowing you to forecast your cash flow.
  • Automated creditors payment schedule to plan your cashflow.

Invoices & Statements

Optimise your cashflow by tracking your unpaid invoices. Practice Manager Pro allows the allocation of payments against individual invoices making the follow up of outstanding amounts easier.
  • Unpaid invoice report lists all partially paid or unpaid invoices.
  • Prompt payment by adhering to client specific agreed billing
  • Automate invoice and statement distribution and speed up month end processes.
  • Email a print pack for statements and invoices to clients.
  • Manage the collection of disbursements.
  • Optimise your cashflow by tracking your unpaid invoices.
  • Allocate payments against specific invoices line items.

Fee Earner and Time Management

Practice Manager Pro streamlines your law firm’s processes and provides operational efficiently. It has been built into a configurable system that can be personalised to overcome your unique challenges.
  • Stay on top of your firm’s profitability, record all billable activities for each fee earner.
  • Manage your fee earner targets, contribution and calculate your commissions.
  • Track your efforts and contributions for fee earners against targets.
  • WIP reports will accurately track your fees to meet your monthly billing deadlines.
  • Ensure time captured is compliant with specific fee arrangements with clients.
  • Manage human resources through Activity, Timesheet and Cost Centre reporting.

File & Case Management

Have one central point of reference for information and access all case files with ease from anywhere.
  • Simultaneous access by all users to case files.
  • Keep track of your case with workflow management.
  • Documents, emails, and attachment in a digital file.
  • Stay focused and do not miss deadlines with reminders tasks and appointments.
  • Workflow builder gives the ability to configure your own workflows.

Outlook Integration

Increase your revenue by billing directly from Outlook. Practice Manager Pro’s Outlook add-in enables you to link and bill emails as you read them. 

  • Increase billing by immediately applying charges on sending or receiving of emails.
  • Store all emails together with other documents on your digital matter.
  • Create rules for automatic linking of emails to specific matters.

Templates & Precedents

Keep your Practice’s uniformity on all Legal precedents and templates
  • Ensure accuracy on your legal precedents and templates.
  • Up to date precedents and templates in line with legal legislative changes.
  • Bill for your effort on drafting and generation of documents.
  • Keep your Practice templates and documents secure in a central repository.
  • Document merging and generation including Department of Justice Forms.

Conveyancing Integration Lexis Convey

  • Eliminating the duplication of tasks and opening of files.
  • Import directly from Lexis Convey into Practice Manager Pro to automate Tax Invoice generation.
  • Eliminate user error.

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