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Contract Manager

Contract Manager stores your contracts post signature in a highly secure cloud-based online repository. It allows your legal team to manage and track all your Contractual Obligations and Benefits. Improves operational efficiency and decreases future contractual risks.

Contract Manager

Our areas of focus


All Information associated with the contract is stored directly on each contract therefore increasing contractual obligation compliance.

Centralised Repository

All contracts are organised in one place ensuring contracts are never lost or forgotten about.

Customisable Workflows

Charge for your time and effort in real-time with PM Pro’s automated billing functionality.

Contractual Deadlines

Automated tasks ensure that important contractual dates are never missed.

Contractual Events

Workflows can be set off when a contractual event is triggered.

Strict access control

Strict access control based on your business structure. Fully customisable roles and permissions on a user level which increases confidentiality and security.

Customisable management of contract types and fields

Highly customisable and can manage any of your company’s contract types and fields. We can handle any contract type and its associated fields.

Dashboards to show powerful analytics on the stored contracts

Dashboards give you an insight into your contracts allowing for accurate financial forecasting and operation planning.

Most up to date OCR technology to capture data from contracts

OCR technology prevents the need for manual capturing of the contractual details. All you need to do is to highlight the information and it will automatically populate the field.

Contractual risks are identified and managed

Pre-determined contractual risks are identified which can thereafter be tracked.

Mark contracts as confidential

The ability to mark contracts as confidential makes sure that only authorised people can see certain Contracts.

Notes stored with documents

Notes can be made against the contract and documents stored together with them for easy reference.

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