Why are law firms moving to Matter Manager Software?

Dealing with legal matters in an ever-changing landscape that is time-sensitive requires best-practice legal automation that should be designed to help your team by simplifying the journey from legal intake to legal insights.

Matter Manager software does this by providing you with a configurable best-practice process for managing your matters and comes out of the box with several tried and tested legal process accelerators.

In addition to the legal process, Matter Manager enables you to generate documentation, attach all matter correspondence and pro-actively manage your tasks around each matter.

Matter manager is all about being able to build a best practice for the efficient management of legal matters, enabling all parties to collaborate as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Using Matter Manager software, your legal team can gain real-time insight into your legal exposure. With Matter Manager, you can manage your costs and set up a budget on a per-matter basis, which will help you better control and monitor your efforts. Using automation and process efficiency, you can collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, ensuring no deadlines are missed. 

Additionally, it assists in creating a sense of alignment between your legal team and your client  by ensuring greater transparency as to how matters are progressing.