WhatsApp Integration Portal

The portal is intended for Legal Interact clients who would like to utilise the WhatsApp functionality available in our applications.

The portal will onboard you onto the WhatsApp Business Platform directly from our site and link your WhatsApp Business Account to ours as your Business Service Provider for WhatsApp – You will remain the owner of your account at all times.

What must I do?

Log in with your Facebook account, create or select a business account and verify your phone number.

This video shows you the steps to follow : How to use embedded signup to onboard clients to the WhatsApp Business API – YouTube

What information will you need to be able to link your WhatsApp Business Account?

  • Facebook Login Details
  • Business Details if you don’t already have a Facebook business account
  • Legal Business Name
  • Business Phone Number
  • Business Website
  • Business Email (used for verification)
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone Number for WhatsApp (this is verified during the process so you will need access to a phone using this number)
    Facebook Login JavaScript Example