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Legal Ops and Legal Tech Trends Webinar: Highlights

We were delighted to finish the year off with a wonder webinar, focused on two of our favourite hot topics – legal ops and legal tech trends.

Our live webinar was hosted by our Head of Business Development, Leah Molatseli, who was joined by Legal Interact Director, Raphael Segal and Africa NewLaw Director, Rain Hancock. The panel discussed the current state of legal ops and legal tech trends and looked towards the future and what the market can expect to see from these exciting developments.

During the webinar, the following talking points came up and were unpacked:

  • What legal ops entail
  • What legal tech entrails – the big question being how we can achieve more with less, enabled by tech
  • The trends of moving from the education phase to the implementation phase and how turning data into insights to make more intelligent decisions
  • How covid was an accelerator for the legal industry to realise they can use tech to support people to do better work
  • Some key learnings like the fact that 80% of data in a business is unstructured data and how Legal Interact uses AI to make this data useful and empowering
  • All aspects of your digital journey should be assessed on a maturity level to empower you as an organiser to frame your digital journey

The panel also looked at what the future for legal ops and legal tech holds, highlighting trends in:

  • AI and the Cloud
  • How 2023 is the year of the human lawyer supported by the right tech
  • The rise in African technology, which focuses on African solutions for African problems, affordable to African businesses.

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