Legal Interact heads to West Africa

We are pleased to announce that Leah Molatseli Head of Business Development will be moderating a session on Changing Innovation: Legal Ops and digital transformation (An African perspective) in Lagos Nigeria at the African Corporate and Government Counsel Forum.

The conference is taking place on 30 November 2021 – 3 December 2021. She will be joined by legal and technology expert panellists from Nigeria and Uganda.


This session which will seek to answer key questions such as:

    • Has the implementation of tech innovation & the introduction of legal operations roles benefitted African in-house legal teams?
  • What challenges do African in-house legal teams face in championing innovation and how do we build and optimise legal ops in an African context?

Spread across West, East and Southern Africa, this diverse panel in this session brings to floor dynamic and much needed diverse perspectives on what role Legal Operations plays when it comes to African in-house legal teams. It is no surprise that our Head of Business Development – Legal Solutions, Ms Leah Molatseli will be moderating this session as Legal Interact has experience and included in its auxiliary service offerings legal operations consulting as part of its implementation process.


Director, Raphael Segal had the following to say about Legal Interact’s participation on the global stage:

As a legal tech firm we felt obligated to be able to contribute to the topic of innovation by bringing our skills and experience to this event and the African legal tech community at large.

For more information on the conference feel free to visit:


To find out more specifically on our Legal Operations work and how we are effectively using modern strategies in implementing our legal technology solutions not only for corporate inhouse legal teams but for law firms, you can email us on in**@le***********.za