International Youth Day – Creating a World for all Ages

International Youth Day is an annual appreciation day which was first adopted by the UN on 12 August 1998 “to recognize and promote the importance of youth participation in world affairs”.

This year’s theme of Integrational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages inspired us to share some of our journeys with you. We got a few of our Legal Interact employees, including our Director Raphael Segal, to sit down and tell their stories, with the aim to inspire people of all generations to own their stories and find their purpose in life. 

When you watch the video below, you can take a walk down memory lane as some of our Legal Interact team members talk about what or who inspired them when they were younger that enabled them to be where they are today.

In the video you will spot:

  • Raphael Segal – Director of Legal Interact
  • Anna-Marie van der Merwe – Product Owner
  • Anthony Delport – Software Implementation 
  • Dennis Shamu – Head of IT Infrastructure

This year’s International Youth Day theme of Intergenerational Solidarity aims to amplify the message that serious action is needed across all generations to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to ensure that no one is left behind. International Youth Day also aims to raise awareness on certain barriers to intergenerational solidarity, notably ageism, which impacts young and old persons, while having detrimental effects on society as a whole.

From all of us at Legal Interact, we wish everyone, of all ages a Happy International Youth Day! Our wish is to create a world for ALL generations.

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