Gender-based violence

Legal Interact’s Vision: Harnessing AI to Combat Gender-Based Violence in South Africa

At Legal Interact, we have always been driven by the profound belief that technology can revolutionise our pursuit of justice. The grim reality of gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa is not just a statistic for us; it’s a clarion call to action. This is why the creation of the AI lawyer stands as a testament to our commitment to confronting and curbing GBV.

One of the foremost challenges victims of GBV face is the daunting legal labyrinth. We felt an urgent need to simplify this. Our AI lawyer, tailored to demystify legal terms and processes, is designed to offer immediate clarity. Victims, with just a few clicks, can understand their rights, the nature of protective orders, and the mechanisms to report and combat abuse.

We recognise the intense societal stigma that shrouds GBV. Many victims hesitate to come forward, fearing judgment or even retribution. This is where our AI lawyer, accessible round-the-clock on platforms like WhatsApp, shines. It provides a sanctuary of anonymity, allowing victims to discreetly gain insight into their legal options, ensuring both their safety and empowerment.

Our team has invested significant effort to ensure that the AI lawyer respects South Africa’s rich tapestry of cultures and languages. This means every victim, regardless of their background, can expect personalised, culturally sensitive advice.

Education, we believe, is a powerful deterrent. Beyond just assisting victims, the AI lawyer can serve as an educational tool. By highlighting the intricacies and implications of GBV, it educates both potential victims and would-be aggressors, creating a more informed society.

In conclusion, as Legal Interact, we’re immensely proud of the AI lawyer and its potential to reshape the landscape of GBV in South Africa. This is more than just technology for us – it’s our heartfelt response to a societal challenge, our pledge to champion justice, and our commitment to a future where no voice remains unheard.

Associate Professor Corné Davis one of South Africa’s foremost award-winning experts in the field of gender-based violence and gender identity activism has the following share about the use of AI:

“At present, our biggest challenge with addressing GBV is the stigma that surrounds it, making it impossible for most victims to come forward and seek help. Until GBV becomes a communicable topic, victims need safe and anonymous platforms to seek help and/or report GBV that AI can provide.”

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