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16 Days of Activism

How much does the world care about ending violence against women and girls? We don’t know. What we do know, is that the human cost of violence against women and girls is incalculable.

At Legal Interact, we stand united during the #16DaysOfActivism against Gender-Based Violence. Every year, the United Nations’ UNITE Campaign focuses on a specific theme and this year’s is “UNITE! Invest to prevent violence against women and girls”. It calls on citizens to show how much they care about ending violence against women and girls by sharing the actions they are taking to create a world free from violence towards women.

When we launched our AI Lawyer, which we developed and launched together with Legal&Tax, our hope was to democratize access to justice for all South Africa, with a particular focus on combating gender-based violence. The AI Lawyer aims to deliver just this, with accurate, up-to-date legal information and advice in real time through WhatsApp.

“Our mission at Legal Interact has always been to empower people to realise their potential. Through our partnership with Legal&Tax, we believe we are delivering on that mission, developing tech for good. The AI Lawyer’s ability to ingest data at scale and curate content in a way that is both easy to understand and easy to access is a gamechanger for South Africa. In a country where easy access to the law and to justice is often hard to come by, the AI Lawyer puts control back into every South African’s hand, quite literally.”

Digital when you want it

Human when you need it

AI-enabled curation of content

The technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) by ingesting South African legislation and curating the content in a way that is easy to access and easy to understand.

AI-powered language translation

Whilst developed in English, users of the bot can ask for responses to be translated into any of the 11 official South African languages.

Digital when you want it, human when you need it

At any given point during their interaction with the AI Lawyer, South Africans can speak to a human lawyer for further support, through the Legal&Tax support network.

“At Legal & Tax, we have embedded a culture of companionship throughout our business. By partnering with Legal Interact, we can harness the rapid growth and adoption of AI technology to democratize access to justice for all South African in a scalable, but caring way. We want to make a meaningful impact on the South African legal landscape and provide anyone that needs legal help with real legal advice. Legal Interact have been the perfect partner to realise that vision.”

– Benjy Porter, CEO at Legal&Tax

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